Excerpts:  Part Five of the Ongoing Saga

It had become apparent to Mammoths everywhere that the Great One had not kept his promise, for since Spidra and her children rose to the surface and brought death unto the Mammothian population, other creatures began to appear and claim for themselves land that had once known only the paws of the Pleistocene Epoch giants.

Mammoth populations began to dwindle and disperse, and while they maintained their dominance for many ages, it was clear that such things would not last forever.  And so, it came.

During Uglarth II's reign, the Mammoths were laid seige upon by a Slothen horde from the East.  Uglarth's scouts had long known of the presence of giant three-toed sloths in what was then called the Eyorn Region - the area of the world we know as southern Asia - but had failed to recognize the vast numbers Sloths had accumulated in a short period of time.  Indeed.  The Sloths were led by a fierce commander known as Bradelburn Und-Myraen, famed for his bloodlust and the slaughter of a large roving band of Moa birds that, heretofore, would have proven far too powerful for any Slothen Army to overcome.

Und-Myraen attacked Uglarth and his Mammoths at their capital city located on the outskirts of the Endrögen Flats.  The city was called Triph, which is the Mammoth word for "tusk."

The attack took nearly four days to execute, as Sloths are extremely slow creatures, able only to subdue their enemies by wrapping their arms around a victim and refusing to let go until the mark's will to live has sufficiently dissipated.  It was in this manner that they attacked Triph and took the city in the most devastating Pyrrhic victory since the War of the Mastodon, in which 800,000 Mastodons died in a single day while leaving but 40,000 Mammoths in the once major city of Ortumanga.  It had been a victory for Mammoth-kind, but one that set the species back one hundred years.

Following is an account written by one of Uglarth's generals after the seige on Triph:

The Sloths have defeated us once and for all in our glorious capital.  Woe unto Uglarth's line that has been broken by the savage beasts from Eyorn, and a thousand curses upon Und-Myraen  for the death he has brought upon our kind.  The entire city has been destroyed and it lies in ruins, decorated now only by the carcasses of my brethren.  My son and I escaped along with a few others, and we are now roaming the ice flats in northern Galp near Prakash.

I could not understand it at first.  Our legions fought bravely and killed the first wave of Sloths quite easily, but they began to appear in greater numbers carrying no weapons.  Slowly, they wrapped their arms around one Mammoth and then another and another until our entire legion had been subdued.  I cannot fathom why our brave soldiers ceased to fight as the Horde moved into Triph and killed nearly every innocent civilian.  It is my fear that the Sloths, and Und-Myraen the Scoundrel, in particular, possess some form of Magick unbeknownst to Mammoths, for it looked as if my brothers had been placed in a trance - as if they had given up entirely.  And then Igrak's Breath left them.

It is devilry.  There is a great Evil in this world now, and I know of no Mammoth that can combat Bradelburn Und-Myraen.  We are finished.

Igrak send us a savior.

- Wirmthorn, General, Uglarth's Second Legion

And so the Mammoths were banished from their kingdom.  Igrak heard no cries, and the Great One appeared to laugh at his creatures' plight.  There had been a prophecy during the Dark Ages that, had the Mammoths paid any heed, would have prepared them for the Slothen Invasion that shook the cornerstones of Mammothian society, and, likewise, they would have remembered that there remained one, final hope for the preservation of their species.

The writings of Glorm's father, however, went unread for another generation, during which time the maleficent Bradelburn Und-Myraen crowned himself King Sloth and forged an empire that would stand unblemished for hundreds of years.