Excerpts:  Part Two of the Ongoing Saga

In the beginning, there were mammoths, and there lived no other creatures upon this earth. Nay. Sloths had not yet brought lethargy into the world. No fish did swim in primordial oceans nor did any bird dot any sky, and in the vast, empty wastes of the planet did the Mammoths roam without restriction or fear.

It was then, when the Sun set for the first time, that King Eldrid Mammoth spake unto his subjects and recited to them the passages given him by the Supreme Being. "This planet was given to us by the Great One..." he said as an excited murmur rippled through the gathering crowd of woolly beasts, "...so that we might rule it justly in isolation and live in harmony as Mammoths and never fear invasion by those that are Other than us. We shall never be forced to commingle with any other beast, and never shall anything that is not Mammoth tread upon the dirt nor consume vegetation nor procreate according to the Great One's design."

King Eldred Mammoth spake so and stopped. Throughout the land there was a great din as the Mammoths cheered and grew joyous in their supremacy. Hamish Mammoth, son of Fortinbras the Skewer, laid before them a feast (being the culinary superior of the others) and Myla, his sister, raised her trunk and sounded a call of celebration that reverberates in the earth to this day. As later commented upon by Ulfungrian Mammoth the Just and Tender Loony, the festivities were "manglewart bint fiddlechabronian einthestlebrain," which, translated into the Common Tongue, means, "very sensible in light of the circumstances."