Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power. Benito Mussolini

The week begins tomorrow. Back to the office and the choked highways. In spite of the suffocating monotony of the Chicago suburbs and my tortuous daily commute, it's too minuscule to care in light of recent events, personal and political alike. I'll steer clear of the personal aspects to spare you the boredom suffice it to say I am wracked with a plethora of insecurities. It might be time to sell my genitals for scrap if I can find a good price.

But let's take one bright spot to heart since there are few in which to bask. Sarah Palin was booed today (mostly) while dropping the ceremonial puck at a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game, and it's a wonder she managed to keep that disingenuous, pasted-on smirk of hers in tact. What else would you expect from someone who suffers from rabid ambition? Someone who will win at any price? All else be damned. Her candidacy itself is a malignancy upon American politics that rivals only George W. Bush's own cancerous contribution to the political landscape in this country. It is a contribution marked by an anti-intellectual fervor designed to elevate the role of folksy ignorance in national policy since it is, after all, folksy ignorance from constituents of both major parties that has largely allowed for the current state of affairs.

It allowed the federal government to sell us a war, an economic crisis, and the psychotic notion that re-instituting the good ol' American concept of Manifest Destiny was a good idea. And make no mistake, we are in a power grab. America, China, and Russia are competing for control of the 21st century, and whichever nation comes out on top will likely inherit a worldwide catastrophe that will tax the global power structures in place. If climate change doesn't do the trick then overpopulation will. If not overpopulation, a temporary dimming of the Sun. We are pushing the boundaries of sustainability at this point, ecologically, economically, and hell, probably even spiritually if the current trend toward unblinking individualism is any indication.

Ideas such as those outlined above have traditionally been passed off as irresponsible fringe insanity, and I won't sit here and deny my own propensity toward excitability, but we are missing something big. That much should be obvious. The warning signs are everywhere that continuing at our current exponentially increasing levels of consumption and apathy will mean a dirt nap for the human race. Perhaps in the next one hundred years or perhaps in the next five hundred. We simply don't have the necessary statistics to predict something of this magnitude, so it should come as no surprise if the End of Things comes as...well...a surprise. That is, if you haven't been paying attention.

I suppose that's just me on my high horse, and the point of this post, in all honesty, doesn't stray too far from the point of my last one. If you want Change, the real kind, you have to vote for it. Just keep that Mussolini quote in mind the next time you cast a ballot for one of the two major parties because what we've been living under is the corporate system of fascism. This fascism has a different face than the one we're probably used to in that it has been instilled under the auspices and knee-jerk invocation of democracy, but it is fascism nonetheless albeit with a few tweaks.

Gosh darn it.