Welcome all.  Since I find myself mostly unable to crank out materials worthy of the "article" or "review" designation--something worth throwing into the official website sections, I've decided to return to my roots and do this damnable blogging thing again.

The intended effect is to provide more frequent content associated with the website without tainting our little corner of the Internet.

With a bit of luck, this will work out.  A few caveats first:

- I created this blog using WordPress, and since I possess only a serviceable understanding of CSS (and a dismal one of PHP), I'm not 100% confident that all elements of the blog will run without a hitch just yet.  Please report any problems you see to me at evilmammoth@slothjockey.com so I can try and fix them.

- I don't know what happens when you folks register.  Try it, and let me know.

- Any other questions or concerns may be sent my way.
Ok.  That should cover it.

Thanks to all.  I think the site's been looking good for what it is recently, and we are always looking for new submissions.